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Those who spend to much time looking behind will never truly embrace the potential and promise which lays before each and everyone of us as the sun explodes in multi colors signaling in another day
'Everything in life is a circle'-Black Elk-I will post Black Elk's entire quote on this topic but it is worthy breaking down.When we traverse life we find a certain ebb and flow.Energies that seem to come and go and then come again. They are broken down into quarters much like the representation on the Medicine Wheel.Like all symbols,at times we can get caught in them,or at least get caught in a particular quadrant.Life and nature does not allow for this,it is a mistake for us to.Winter follows fall.The various colors and dying of flora and fauna,start the process of the great cleansing of Winter.This is proceded by the explosion of growth in Spring and then the boundless energy of summer.Equally our lives move with such wisdom.Ages are marked on the wheel and also years,months,days.The important thing to realize is that life is always dynamic and never static.When we get stuck and become static that is when our bodies/mind and spirit develop problems.It usually starts in the spiritual realm,but people are not trained to discern it,then the emotions are affected following the body.If we can keep the balance and understand the flow of the medicine wheel,our micro(us)aligns with the macro(the entire cosmos)then we can flow like the gentle forms of Tai Chi....T
'Let the mind be like a still pond. The pond does not grasp at passing clouds,it simply reflects them as they move by.Our mind can do the same.We do not have to get caught in the transitory waves of emotion.Just let them pass by and come back to your breathing'.-Zen Saying-
'Your work is to find your work and then with all your heart put yourself into it.'-Buddha- These are the truest words in terms of life's vocation possibly ever uttered.If we consider that one third of our life will be our work, why be miserable? Life is very short.A humans life span is not even one heartbeat of a rocks for instance. We all wish and hope to have and leave an impression in what we do,so we need to find that one thing that we can devote our vocational eye to. I suggest listening deeply to your heart. Many will try to tell you what you can or cannot do.This is their perception,not yours.Listen deeply and find what makes you tick and then to see through a vocation,how you would resonate to the world....T
Crowded elevator smell different to midget.
Man who drop watch in toilet have crappy time.
War does not determine who is right, war determine who is left.
Viewing wisdom 321 to 327 of 327
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