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How Generous of You..........
January 27, 2004, 3:56 pm
In the spirit of unity Shadow Screamers has made this Fan Journal available to all who support the band and its mission as a place to share comments about the band and offer suggestions on how to further increase the band's following. To remain silent does not mean that you don't have an opinion or feeling on matters that are of importance to you. Quite the contrary. When you silence yourself you give up your voice to others to speak in your good name. What a travesty! You know you want to be heard. Takes but a few minutes to check this awesome, messenger of thruth site out and you feel good for a good while after that. Come on now, scream, yell, laugh or cry. Say something. Shadow Screamers are listening.

I could kiss Sting this morning...........Oh yes,
January 27, 2004, 6:15 am
I could kiss Sting this morning for these words in one of his songs:" Don't judge me. This could be you in another life, in another set of circumstances." It is in our nature to judge others. There is safety in dissecting, evaluating our neighbour, our friends because the pronouncement we make on others prevent us from getting too close to home, too close to ourselves. We don't show empathy perhaps because we confuse empathy with condoning. Or is the fear of transference. The fear of being susceptible and therefore vulnerable. After my own experiences of how one can fall short of the loftiest standards, I have made it my personal mission to remember and practice this ancient virtue: Judge not, lest thou be judged.......Lucienne
The Eyes of Love Tell Lies.
January 26, 2004, 4:40 pm
To be in love is to be blind. To be in love is to be deaf. To be in love is to be foolish. The eyes of Love make you see things that don't even exist. The ears of Love hear words of tenderness that will never be said. To be in love is bitter and sweet. Sweet it is to own such feeling of joy and ecstacy. Bitter it is when that Love cannot reach the shelter it was intended for. They say that time has a way of healing most things. I am hopeful that time will be good to me. The grass might might not be greener, true. But they vary in the scope of life's challenges. Some have more holes and even perillous canyons, while others just have some patchy brown spots and a few dandelions.......
The Hunchback.....
January 26, 2004, 6:15 am
I am a hunchback. We are all hunchbacks to some degree. It's so much easier to see your neighbour's hump than your own that has so aptly merged with your back; after all, we don't have eyes behind our backs. What is out of sight can expediently become out of mind. I am mortal just like my fellow men and thereby succumb to all the tendencies of human fallacies. I know that I have fallen short of my own responsibilities to Humankind. I eat not very much, but I eat very fancy. My house is too big. My perks, too many. When I look at my neighbour, I see me. I see my consumption and I feel shame. It's so scandalous for me to preach about the planet, about giving, about changes when I am so intrinsically marred in the problem. If there is to be a solution, I must deal with my own saddle, shed the excesses in my own life and make time to be directly involved and contribute toward that better vision. Until then, I am just talking. Just talking.....Peace, Luce
Keep the faith
January 25, 2004, 5:52 pm
As one who believes in Shadow Screamers' mission, I am all the more pleased to read in Jason's entry(check band's journal)the possibility that the band and its site might be seriuosly consired by some socially conscious manager. I know that such individuals do exist and should be vigourously sought out. There is so much noise out there and as many people with nothing to say. Shadow Screamers must keep the momentum and raise their own voice and be heard. Who knows! Maybe a tour could be in the making;Summer is near, for the optimist anyway.......Peace, Lucienne
Now is....Love now. Live now. Feel now. Now is
January 25, 2004, 5:33 pm
Spring is near. Well Spring is near for the optimist. I am always so fascinated if not perplexed by the seriousness some people attached to the rituals of spring cleaning. Dust those shelves. Turn up the whole house for those unwanted pesky cobwebs. Might want to put up some new, fresh curtains. Don't overlook the overhaul of your wardrobe. Out with the Old. In the New. Let's revamp everything. Make it fresh and relevant. So then I wonder what if this spring, this year, these folks were to turn this tradition on its head? What if they were to make themselves the subject of spring cleaning? What if they were to look at their souls, their lives, their choices and look for the cobwebs that lurk in those secret places, Spring, after spring, after spring. It's so easy to get lost in the details, the mundane, anything at all to keep us busy is so readily embraced as we throw a furtive look at the lives on the shelves; and the dust, and the cobwebs of years multiply until we cease to notice. So we fail to remember that Life is now. Now is now..............Lucienne
January 24, 2004, 4:19 pm
This band has an evolutionary voice,very important!I like the second album,but have you checked out their first album under the name,'Tired Eyes',killer shit!
Inspiring..............Exactly my motto to survive
January 23, 2004, 4:42 pm
DANCE as though no one is watching you. LOVE as though you have never been hurt before. SING as though no one can hear you. LIVE as though heaven is on earth. (by SOUZA )
January 23, 2004, 6:16 am
One of the quotes on my fridge's door reads: "There are no mistakes; only lessons." I put it up for the children. I want them to look for the lessons that are hidden in their every day choices. They are willing students and my advices to them are very often implemented, heeded. I wish I could have my own teacher too; I need someone to hold my hand and guide me away from the precipice. As Shadow Screamers wrote in one of their lyrics,"I AM Only Human." Luce
How did I get here?
January 22, 2004, 7:35 pm
We all can relate to the above question. You are driving. The last thing you remember is having started your car, that is honest to God the last action you are cognizant of. Now you find yoursslf at point Z and if your life depended on it you would be completely at a loss...... You don't remember the stop lights, nor the intersection, nothing at all of the trip. Maybe you passed an ambulance with red, fiery flashing lights or, perhaps a Fire Rescue truck with its blarring siren. But you were blind and deaf to everything around you. Just how did I get here? The same could be true about a different kind of trip, a journey. Have you ever found yourself at a junction in your life and you are left to ask the same question of yourself. How on earth did I get here? And since you truly do not know how you got to be in that place, at this time you are at a loss. You find no explanation. You can't retrace your steps since your consciousness was not involved. And you look north and south, east and west and you feel completely lost. May the Gods show mercy on an errant soul.
wonderbread and wonderdogs,is there a connection?
January 22, 2004, 3:29 pm
bill,sorry about the delay in the next brandy piece.will get out the next episode soon.jason
Not a New Kid On The Block...
January 21, 2004, 8:16 pm
It's no surptise that Shadow Screamers's Lyrics are so imbued with the Human Experience, one just has to read Jason's entry " When The Soul Is Tired....." to gain greater understanding of the underpinning of the band. These guys are real. Their life's experiences have put them in a place that not many americans comtemporaries have been. They are speaking from a knowing place. The are speaking America's truth. They persevere in the face of temporary setbacks. They have conviction. Their voice needs to be heard more than ever.........Keep the vision. Make the dream a reality.....Peace, Luce
Don't Kill the Voice
January 21, 2004, 5:32 pm
Jon, I understand your frustration and you are not alone. There were others before you, and there will more after you. What I pointing to is the obstacles that people with your vision have had to overcome since the begining of mankind. People with honest desire to improve humanity often find their path is a lonely one indeed. Sometimes you might not even find the support where you must expect it. However, there is one common gift that these people share and it is the gift of self-knowledge, acceptance, and reliance. It is said that the truth shall set us free, but so many are afraid of the truth that they try to ignore the messengers, of which you are one. Don't let the machine win. They own the labels. You own your vision. You are the keeper of your dreams. You can't let their indiference bring you to despair. It would be great to have your voice, your message reverberate across the land, but if that's not possible we would like to still hear it, however feint it may be. Use your rage and frustration as renewable energy to create and create......Luce
A Look in the Mirror..............
January 21, 2004, 5:44 am
"Life Shrinks or Expands in Proportion to One's Courage." Anais Nin
Willard/Thin Man
January 20, 2004, 2:23 pm
This is awsome that you guys put back the fan comments!Keep them comeing.
January 20, 2004, 2:03 pm
Father's that care for thier children and the rest of us too.I find that so sexy.I agree Tammy,sign me up and I will be at Shadowscreamers concerts any time any day.
January 20, 2004, 9:22 am
you can go with the wind and soar. Or you can resist, get clubbered straight into the ground. The flow is always constant. You must participate and move with it to adjust the course because this force we call Life is dynamic and will not wait on you...From my alma to your alma
Jon from the band
January 20, 2004, 6:41 am
I just wanted to let everyone know that this journal is for you our fans feel free to express yourselves. You don't have to comment on the band but if you do weather you love us or hate us feel free. I believe everyone has a song or poem in them so if you want to share yours feel free. We hope this journal will be a place where you can exchange ideas, thoughts and information. I know there are millions out there who feel they have no voice. Well here is your chance!!!!!!!! IT IS EXTREMELY EASY JUST CLICK ON THE FAN COMMENTS ICON TYPE YOUR NAME OR ANY NAME AND YOUR COMMENT AND PRESS ENTER.ITS THAT QUICK AND EASY. WE HONESTLY LOOK FOREWORD TO HEARING FROM YOU TOGETHER WE CAN CHANGE THE WORLD.SPREAD THE WORD!!!!!
January 20, 2004, 5:58 am
Tired body. Weary Soul. Keep the spirit up. Nothing worth having come by easily. The greater the prize, the greater the battle. Be your own enabler, do not surrender for this is a war over your essence, your very soul. You are a free spirit, not meant to be owned bv any. Focus on the vision. Remember you have fought through 21 Summer Storms, and just like the bamboo tree, you knew just when to bend low and when to rise high again. No more thunderous summers. You have vanquished them all, and your battle scars are now marks of wisdom. Stay the course. A new journey has already begun and I see your soul emerging and openning up its petals that have been frozen for too long now. Just like the Morning Glory,the petals of my life are completely open to new dreams, new possibilities. I look to the sky and I see my spirit free above me, free to sore. No strings. No weight. Just free to be. SheerEsctacy....Priceless........Luc ienne
January 19, 2004, 6:43 pm
What can I say about Martin Luther King Jr? No amount of words, however eloquent,can ever describe his contribution to Humanity. Shadow Screamers' members Jon and Jason have contributed two magnificent entries in honor of Dr.King. Check the Band Journal. You'll be inspired too. But we don't expect anything less of Shadow Screamers. A band with a conscience, a band dedicated to create music that will help all of America to live the dream and help the nation rise to its full potential and be the beacon that the world needs. Yes America, rise up to the challenge. Make the dream of Dr. King all of America's dream....Peace and Justice for all, Lucienne
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