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August 12, 2012, 8:39 am
Back everyone!Jon I am so glad you have the music up and it sounds amazing!If only people knew the trying circumstances we have had to work under to be in the studio and play! We are committed and this year will be very fruitfull for the Screamers! Just getting back have to run, catch up with you all later. Love T, please tell everyone about the music and have them play it for all!Thank you!

August 9, 2012, 4:33 am
Hey Shadow Screamers fans for the countless who have asked if T is a writer he is. He is trying to get published submission after submission and the mighty powers that be don't have a clue apparently because he is still unpublished??????????????? Ok we both have tough skins I push the music and he pushes his writings and is more than committed to the band. That said when T gets back we are going to re-evaluate this site. We have given our all for more years then I can count and at this point we are not going to stop. However we need to figure out how to get more return for all that we give...... the latest music is as good as anything I have heard out there sure the recording needs work because it was done in one take thrown together so to speak. But the melodies, lyrics and energy are begging to be heard by a mass audience around the planet. I am not being cocky or delusional this is a fact just ask my neighbors you can usually catch them on the way over to my house to ask who the band is that is rocking on my sound system!!!!! I don't go searching for praise they come to me. The reason I am saying this is that we are a band first and T is 100% in........ I have no problem with T's writings because they add a unique uplifting, positive aspect to the band !!!!! . Please keep the comments coming for T but don't lose sight of our music It is worthy of a listen.......As far as the changes to the site we will see stay tuned you will not regret it...........jon
August 7, 2012, 11:53 pm
every song has a part or all of me the dark one I will stick to that T you write
August 6, 2012, 3:15 am
This is my last post other than updates on the band and events. I talked with my wife earlier and apparently my negativity is affecting my family by my posts on the site. I apologize to the fans that have had to see the shit that I write it pains me I did not see this earlier but that is me. T is away for the week with his family on a well-deserved vacation. Please check back to read his incredible, insightful, uplifting thoughts. I will only post to give updates and news on the band. Thank you for being patient with my dark posts just to see the next post from T. My last post came to me in the shower this morning I had a positive mind frame thinking about what a good day lay ahead and a Korn melody came to me from a song of theirs my 15 year old son is into and the words I wrote below came into my mind as I was hearing the melody my curse I play with melodies I hear and think of how to bend them all my waking hours... maybe I need help. The good news is that you will never have to endure this again. Again I apologize my ego got the best of me and on this site we write what is going on in our minds at the time. The good news is that T will lift you up and I will no longer bring you is what goes on in my mind weather I want it to or not don't be like me.............Live and be like T and those like him they and you are the key to a better day...............................................................this is what slammed into my mind with the Korn melody in the shower this morning the way it is meaningless so hate me and you will be happy that it means nothing to anyone and it is torture to me every day so guess what?????????? You win!!!!!!!!!!! you go let the celebration begin for you................................................................................... I dive into my mind crawling thru the thick black slime to find the core of my decay. Although my eyes are blind desperate I sift thru my mind to find the core throw it away. My soul is shattered glass leaving me to piece it back slicing my fingers as try to piece it back together l I wonder why I am this way. Is this all just a game played by the kings of both Domains to stimulate their idol brains. How do they choose the souls if it is strong or weak then if they picked me for weak they both will pay. Is it fun to pick little humans and dance them like puppets on strings each dancing the puppets thru a course they think will win? But this game played by gods has one sick and demented flaw when vanity and image rule that's when you will slaughter just to crawl up to the top for its not about the universe or this puny human race it's about the God above and below that will control your blind devotion to needs that suit their desire to be the best they don't care about the cost!!!!!!! it's the game that keeps the interest.. Who is better who can capture the most souls good or bad let the dice roll...........and the battle goes on......The stark brutal reality of humanity will go away on this site OK maybe I stepped over the line and offended and pissed off.........don't fucking care the core was the truth the message was ragged and overblown but I just typed words inside my disjointed mind the reality will be a brutal real pill to swallow that was heavy I wonder what the prize is?????????? Don't care you about those who are disturbed by my words I have explained my reality to those I love the rest of you are on your own to figure it out......... but you do have T and he holds the key if you do not know by now...... then now then you have not been using you minds to absorb his writings by reading his words and you have not dug deep enough using your mind to mine the potential................ .............. Hate, intolerance, greed and ignorance drive the human race oh and yes most religions are included it is well documented the one constant that does not change................ Wow did I just say that.......yes I did sue me or dam me to hell ...............goodbye jon
when a baby is held in loving arms....
August 4, 2012, 6:37 pm
the next part of the meditation comes from my Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh.these troubling thoughts we are taught through mindfull breathing to hold as a mother holding a baby in our arms. so if it is anger you breathe in and out with that anger not trying to force it out-totally non-violent with it as it rises,comes to be then doing the meditation this way we learn many things,to be loving with ourselves and non-violent, and to hold onto a feeling and perhaps you might find the root cause of this feeling. once this is found-liberation, perhaps with something you have struggled with for years. try this as part of your practice and see what you think! have to run more on this later, will be gone for a week. love to you all,T
Great Post below T!!!!!!!! man do I need that!!!
August 2, 2012, 8:30 am
Don't forget our killer tunes a once click away.
when we awaken....
August 2, 2012, 7:09 am
The Ojibwa say that every night we die and every morning we are reborn, so why do we fear dying? Death is a good companion. In many mystic traditions, death is kept as a constant reminder of our impermanence and also the, ' mini-deaths' we go through in life. I used to dream when I was young that at 28 I was going to most certainly die. This was a re-current dream. Though I can say by fact it did not happen-or did it. At 28 I went through some major-mini deaths.These mini-deaths were like a burden lifted, I felt more alive. This process continues to happen. As human beings we run on habit energy a lot! Part of it has to do with cultural conditioning and it also has to do with this base and how we have choosen to navigate life.This energy can be shackling it can hold us down. It can be oppressive! Below is a simple exercise for letting go of habitual energy that holds you back; Center your breath, start to lower your mind and breath below your navel. Concentrate on 5 qualities of breath;long,slow,deep,smooth,even spend five minutes here. Next allow your mind to focus just on the breath. Of course thoughts will come up, let them build come to be them watch them dissipate without judgement and then come back to focusing on the breath-do this 10-20 minutes. When you are done write in your journal what came up-do you see a pattern? Try this for a week and check what you see. Next time we will talk about embracing this friend and letting go in a caring nurturing way. Love you all,T
the fool yea thats me folks
August 2, 2012, 1:02 am
Im a fool cause I live by the golden rule, Im a fool yes I believed it, Im a fool as I see those who discard the golden rule live lifes to die for, Im a fool for thinking that I could make a change to make things better, Im a fool for looking up to those who changed this sorry race and for a moment made it better, Im a fool as I see them just fade away into the distance as we move on to the next disaster, Im a fool its not your problem I live inside a mind thats rotten, Im a fool so dont feel sorry I dont deserve to feel your sorrow , Im a fool but I am what I am I cant pretend to be something better, Im a fool for posting this dumb message, im a fool for even letting you into a fools mind...Im a fool so please dont follow these words that are so hard to swallow, yes Im a fool, im a fool, im a fool dont feel a bit of sorrow for me just make sure you dont end up a fool like me.......jon
July 31, 2012, 10:12 am
July 30, 2012, 9:19 pm
Mother Teresa was the second coming of Jesus and we were to blind to see it.......Lets look at this god among humanity who lived with the poorest most destitute the scorned humans of humanity all the while giving hope,care and inspiration to those who are outcast. This Jesus Inspired countless millions to lead caring giving life's to believe in something greater then we are and despite the horror pain and misery she lived for years on end she never wavered from her spiritual beliefs. I read an article today about how the holy pampered ones in the Vatican have been unwavering on the issue of contraception in Third World Countries they say it is Gods written word that it is a sin..........Have any on these holy MEN I REPEAT MEN ever lived with the poorest the most destitute who want to obey the word of God so they have 8-10 children and those children suffer starve die because they cant take care of them or for that matter barely survive themselves?? Why is the Pope not living among the poorest after all his religion was force fed down the throats of his subjects in the third world. Does he not care is he out of touch? How can someone so out of touch with the reality hand down with an iron fist laws written by human beings hundreds of years ago and not have a clue as to the devastating effects of those very laws on modern society.Yea all the deep religious theologian's will shred me with there arguments supported by innuendo and myth.OK I get it and you will win and mankind will suffer the women and children most of all just like Jesus preached right??????? I wish I could be more succinct but as we say we write one shot put it down and move on. IF YOU WAN TO KNOW WHY I AM THE ANGRYONE I AM SICK AND TIRED OF SEEING THE WAY ONE HUMAN TREATS ANOTHER UNDER THE GUISE OF RELIGION OR POLITICS OR PERCEPTION AND ON AND ON AND I AM FUCKING TIRED OF IT SO SUE ME BY THE WAY MOTHER TERESA WAS JESUS CHRIST I KNOW IT AND I AM GOING TO HELL BUT I WILL GIVE HER PROPS SO WHAT DOES THAT TELL YOU ABOUT YOUR HOLY SELF?????????.....................Jon
July 28, 2012, 9:24 pm
It is amazing I can be on the computer.It has taken me three or four tries to get it up!! get ur minds out da gutter!!! anyway if you click on this site it will take you a site I put together using WIX its a free site where you can make your own web site!!!!Please check out some of our tunes its easy and quick then you can add it to you favorites and I will keep adding more songs!!!!! Go TO I hope this works with a click......
the eyes....
July 28, 2012, 7:54 am
Perhaps the hardest words for most people to live in the New Testament are, 'Love thy enemies'. The important thing for us all to remember is that there have been such shinning stars that have lived this; Christ, Buddha, Abe Lincoln(check out what he said about caring for Confederate Soldiers),Martin Luther King, Gandhi, So many Indigenous Elders around the world. I think the key is the words that Mother Theresa said,' To see the eyes of Christ in all you see'. If you are in a different faith you can say what applies to your Faith( Buddha, Krishna,etc...). What's important if we live this way is that ignornace dissolves like the veil of night the slowly pulls back to reveal the day and we perhaps can see each other for who we really are. In a space like this, there is no room for enemy. Now lets suppose you live this way and someone really dislikes you and makes it known. Center you breath. See that perhaps the veil has not lifted from their eyes and they are not, 'seeing' you. No judgement, no blame, it is just the way it is, but very importantly we try not to reciprocate the energy they may be projecting, if we do the veil of ignorance, anger,enemy comes back to occlude our vision. These are very, very hard words today to put into practice, but I believe we must very soon. Our world has more and more people all the time.We simply cannot afford war and hatred anymore from all levels of discussions. As Jon stated yesterday it is so important for us to communicate again without screens, to sit and have a cup of tea with someone. To have lunch with someone. To talk and be with all you meet. To love and live and see the eyes of God in eveyone in every being. After all who are we to judge? Who am I to say this person is this, this person is that, as the Native Proverb says, 'Have I walked a mile in their shoes-literally?' I think Jon's posting yesterday was very powerful as it is a warning. With all the wars, famine, disease, poverty,enemies, can we really afford to disconnect from the totality of human expression through talking face to face with someone and stare and talk superficially via a medium(a screen)? Communicate, try to love and see the other as divine. Like the rose that gently unfurls to the sun this new friend you find might reveal a new universe of beauty....peace be with you,T
What happened???
July 27, 2012, 8:50 pm
pomp and circumstance instant gratification fuels our empty shells.... talking phones??? when they gonna wipe your ass? how much more do you not want to do? just a click away every fucking thing that you could ever dream... or does that app fill your empty mind with dreams for you?? when did we loose it look at the motherfuckedrs like Bill Gates and the dude that just croaked Jobs?? you think they give a shit about you???? Ted Turner humuliated them into caring by giving away half of his fortune...I dont know dont care who is to say they arent dancing with the fucking dark one.....Stevie Jobs fucking app didnt save his ass did it....I have two sons try to teach them to use the gift they were blessed with yea the brain!!!dont know if it sinks in.....pomp and circumstance....instant gratificatoin what ever happened to the human experience..............jon
fuckin A!!!!!!!
July 26, 2012, 6:23 pm
Wow!!!!!!I was listening to a couple of our tunes on our my-space site and after one of our yet to be recorded with our vision songs was over. A song by "Chevelle" came on its called "I Get It" Man it fucking knocked me off my feet I went ahead and checked out a few other tunes of theirs and son of a bitch I am surprised they are not as popular as "A Perfect Circle" or the Slip Knots lead singer side project. Give them a listen they kick ass that is what this band aspires to be. LET THERE BE NO MISTAKE AS INCREDIBLE AS T's WRITINGS ARE WE LIVE, LOVE, BLEED TO PLAY MUSIC AND WE WILL BLOW THIS WORLD AWAY WHEN WE ARE FINALLY GIVEN THE CHANCE....THINK T DOES NOT AGREE???? ASK HIM IN THE FAN JOURNAL........jon
July 26, 2012, 7:10 am
'Hey Moe', Curly says, 'I try to think but nothing happens'.... Oh that we could all meditate as well as this Stooge! peace and love,T
he dwells in the power
July 25, 2012, 3:22 am
The Devil dewlls in power that is where the black seed is so easily laid. If you think I am just lashig out open your eyes and see the path those with the best of intentions take. Somewhere the demons lauging he loves the power that holds the best of intentions at bay. Yes its the Devil that dewells in the power that the silly human race seems to chase. So go ahead and adore as you look up to and admire those who you gave the power but when you look up to your hero keep this thought in your mind as the hero slips away the devil dwells in the power that leads the best of intentions astray.......jon
July 24, 2012, 7:19 am
listen to that sound that permeates all in the cosmos,let it vibrate you as you harmonize with her.let your mind be free and feel a small glimpse of what MIND/LOVE has created.we are only afforded a glimpse.if you harken her sound attaching her to your breastbone it does not matter,it is there anyway,if you don't she is there anyway.but try and relinquish all thought to the vibration 10-20 minutes daily and see what happens.the sound? OM.peace be with you,T
the arrow....
July 23, 2012, 7:13 am
intent is the arrow,will the pulling back, the target(life) is filled with colors,which facet of the target do you choose today?the archer spends long hours in building strength to pull the string can we assume less in our lives?.... WOW thank you, and yes Jon and I are both writers, poets, and first and formost musicians.we strongly subscribe to the old saying, ' have a smile on your face and a song in your heart', wether lyric, melody,poem or life! peace be with you,T
"The Price"....part 1
July 22, 2012, 2:58 pm
As he looked out over the crowd he smiled that smile. This was his destiny it had taken him so many years to get here. Hell yes!!!!! he deserved every minute of this as he soaked it all in .The crowd was big and into every song that his band played. His dream band!!!! After all he was the one who put this band together a great rhythum section a female singer with knock out looks, she could belt out the blues with the best of them. and he was the killer rhythm and lead guitarist!!! He never dreamed this could happen and how many people friends and family got in his way!! that he had to brush aside. This was his time to shine and nobody was going to stop him from mastering the blues after all he had wasted years dabbling in other music styles and he now knew he was meant to play the blues. It had taken some time but after lots of experimenting with a large variety of the best equipment money could buy he learned to copy most of the licks and like the smile he perfected spending hours in front of a mirror to help him sell insurance he realized that he could master the facial expressions and movements of the great players Eric Clapton, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Jonny Lang. He liked the white players because although he would never admit it he had a beef with minorities they were all the same looking for a free ride never pulling their weight and as far as the blues the white players were as good if not better than the black dudes. He had heard that the great black players played with soul and emotion but hell he didnt feel what they felt. He knew that if he copied the notes and made the right facial expressions and moves he could play with the best. The crowd he was playing for at this moment was a good example they were rocking. Yea that feel and emotion crap was over rated another way for the black man to whine about his problems. Hell he never had it easy he thought to himself as his band finnished their set and his mind drifted back to earlier days...................jon
July 21, 2012, 1:08 am
Why ??????how can you wrap your brain around this latest slaughter of human beings this time in Colorado.Why did it take me almost 3 hours to adopt my dog my shepard, greyhound mutt she is my baby girl 7 years ago. Yet some young man can walk in off the street and by an automatic weapon and 6,000 rounds of amuntion with out some sort of evaluation??????Of his mental state?????? Yea before you gun freaks start your bullshit rationalization me and all my brothers grew up menbers of the NRA. That was before the Washingon puppets bowed down to them and their lobbist control. Shadow Screamers gives our heart felt condolences to the families and friends who are suffering needless agony with the death of loved ones. Will we try to get into the mind of this killer???? try to find out why????? Or will we let it be yet another hot story chewed on by the gouls in news rooms across this nation for a couple of weeks then move on. We can build the most incredible weapons to destroy ourselves, send man to the moon, find new ways to rape and pillage the earth countless ways to make our lives easier yet we dont have a clue as to how the human mind works and why this happens over and over again. The best tribute we can give those who were slaughtered is to make sure this does not happen again............Oh what was I talking about if forgot because that was so yesterday the gouls are on to another carcass to chew the meat off..........jon
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