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First Direct Action Day in Regards to Ahimsa....
September 24, 2012, 7:07 am
Action:Try one day a week getting away from screens. This is the beginning step of what I call a Negativity Fast.If you have a family practice this together as research shows that when we do something together it is mutually supportive.Try first a weekend day as school and work demand so much screen time these days. In order to do this, like with any addiction, we must first think of activities to fill down time, below are some suggestions;if you have a family dig out board games and cards.find that book you have wanted to read a long time.schedule a hike to a place you have not been before(if at a familiar place, try to note what you have never noticed before).make the day a mini meditation retreat.attend the yoga,tai chi,qigong class you have wanted to do but did'nt have the time.write a long handwritten letter to someone you love(remember how you enjoy recieving these via snail mail?).spend the entire day outdoors and watch the stages of the day,relax,meditate,eat organic locally grown food.go to a farmers market-talk to them about food(where it is grown,how it is grown,etc...).:there are endless possibilities to the day.In this action phase we start to pull away from the buzz of the techno world and realize-hopefully that there is so much more than what we see on the screens.Make sure to journal your experience.peace be with you,T

lazy 2....
September 22, 2012, 10:16 am
Military/industrial/corporate complex, the issue go on and on. We also have to have a seriuos soul searching netionwide to ask and go to the root of,'why do so many hate us world wide?'i hope you know what i am entering is just the very tip of the iceberg-but the important point is,'let us roll up our sleeves for serious work for the worlds progeny 7 generations from now. there is no more time for laziness.' peace,T
September 22, 2012, 9:04 am
Just yesterday in our local paper there was an article by a Local Professor that stated,'America should not give up the right of Free Speech, If we do we lose our freedom'(paraphrased by me).Of course we agree upon this and it is one of the fundamental rights that we at times enjoy in this country(I say it this way, as it is not always the case-for more dig in the journal). To me this is the lazy way out of recent events. Of course we should have free speech, that is a given, however, what about the increasing ignorance and intolerance we are developing? What about school systems that systematically have dropped analytical thinking and teacher/student dialogue and replaced it with standard based testing? What about the continued rise of conservative right thinking that denigrates our civil rights, free speech,and political debates? We have so many issues to deal with, we must roll up our sleeves and have serious discussions, not sound bite's for political gains. Back on Ahimsa tomorrow. Peace be with you,T
September 21, 2012, 6:45 pm
I urge every adult to look in the mirror not when you are getting ready, or to check if you have food on your teeth. Look when the day is done and the light is low relax and let your mind open up. breath slow breaths and see what reflection comes back to you. Sounds crazy but I found out alot about myself doing this.....what do you find........
the core and T needs your support
September 19, 2012, 11:32 am
.Hey T fans I will no longer be able to keep this site up so in January of next year we are going to shut down. I have noticed that countless fans have enjoyed Ts writings as they should.I have urged T to make Cds of them and sell them on this site so that maybe he can pay to keep the site up and gain exposure. I say this knowing that you can take what you want from his writings free of charge and if that is who you are then go ahead and contradict what his words are saying to you if you can live with yourself then you dont get it. I guess T will see who is really absorbing his incredible outlook on life,living, learning and love etc.........jon............I have a post below it aint T its me and I aint chainging I have to live inside my own mind.......If you care help T get going!!!!!!!! .....................Jesus should spend time in hell along with all religions perhaps they will see there the common thread weaving thru lack of rhyme or reason as pertains to human beings. How sick to see some poisoned minds distort the pure core that all of man kinds faiths so boldly tout do they think I am stupid???? am I wrong or are most of them firmly grounded in the token phrases like love one and all and have compassion for all things living??? For the life of me I just don't see it and believe me I have fucking tried. So as my anger boils deep inside while I watch as the black Shepperd's lead the sheep believers bending all the golden rules any way they choose to perceive them. Why if are we the ones who tout our brilliant minds and abilities??? why are so many millions easily lead into hatred and condemnation of those who believe differently? What is it you are craving is it just to save your fucking soul really???? really???? fucking good for you! you win!!!!!!! I have no fear I will accept where I go when I pass, because no matter what the cost I could not live with myself if I chose to bend to what I can plainly see is the biggest impediment to our development if we do not go back to the core. I will never accept what I have seen unfold before me time and time and time and time again.In my mind we have so much more to give and live and love and enjoy if this fucking world would truly......... each and every human being clinging to their religions would say enough is enough and using this so called brilliant mind get back to the core and to love all those who live with love for all no matter faith, religion, god,etc................. jon
Building the foundation....
September 19, 2012, 7:25 am
1)The first principle in our discussion of education must be an examination of Ahimsa or non-violence. To teach children in America this principle is progressively becoming difficult. Look around you what do you see? You cannot turn on the tv without seeing violence within minutes or seconds. In fact violence is perhaps the biggest commodity(unfortunately)America sells to the world.A)Violence to the self-an examination of tv,magazines,news, constantly reinforces that you are not good enough,that you need something from the outside to make you palatable to other human beings. Buy this, buy that. On top of this we have a food industry that sells salt and sugar to such an extent that children become addicted, and then are labeled and marginalized when they become obese. We shall examine ways in the upcoming entries on how to pull away from this violence.We have trained our children to look at screens as opposed to direct communication.Over 90 percent of human direct communication is through the non-verbal, if we take away this component, we do grave violence to ourselvesd in that we become something we are not-soundbites! We become the screens we worship as opposed to the direct and meaningful communication between two people.I shall present challenges shortly to this soon through what I call a negativity fast.We do violence by being uncomfortable with the language of God-Silence. I have met so many students over the years that feel so uncomfortable with silence. They do not feel comfortable in nature when it is to quite, they do not like social gatherings if it becomes quite.Is it any wonder look at the screens blaring,addicting our youth to the next soundbite and if you don't get it quick enough-well you are just not with it!According to the media.All for today, you may be asking what has this got to do with understanding other cultures and building dialogue? There are no simple solutions, in order to have a build well you must first have a solid foundation, not a soundbite lost in minutes in psyberspace. Peace be with you,T
back soon....
September 18, 2012, 7:22 am
Lots of changes going on right now, be back soon, continued prayers for the people of the world to love one another.Peace,T
children of God....
September 14, 2012, 7:28 am
It is with a heavy heart that I write today.We would like to give condolences to the families that lost their loved ones at the U.S Consulate in Libya. In times like these one is struck dumb with helplessness.How are we to change the picture of discontnet? How is it that we can change being more embracive of all cultures all religions? We would like to apologize to all Muslims of the world for the callousness of those that would spread hate and misunderstanding.It must be understood by everyone on this small planet that,'Every Prophet sought out companions.A wall standing alone is useless,but put three or four walls together,and they'll support a roof and keep the grain dry and safe.'-from,'Of Being Woven',by Jelaluddin Rumi(my favorite Poet).These words are powerful in that they ask for the support of all. We are all children of God and the various expressions through faith and Religion are to be honored and treasured.We can no longer sit idly by and allow bullies to spread lies and misinformation(as with the horrible video recently). It does not do the world and her people any good and causes friction, hatred, and seperateness. My aim in the next couple of days is to outline a program that I feel would give people a better understanding of the people of the world. America is a very young country, I have been embarressed by her child like arrogance towards the world. We must grow up as a nation morally and spiritually and stop allowing zealots to dominate the news and create hatred and misinformation to the world. My first approach tomorrow will be through the schools and programs I feel are necessary for the above stated goal. We are all children of God; Muslim, Christian, Hindu, Taoist, Buddhist,Jew,all and every tradition. Their different approaches point to the love that permeates the Cosmos,all every one should be honored, and we as children of God need to enter into meaningful and loving dialogue....peace be with you,T
part 4....
September 13, 2012, 7:15 am
They talked until the morning light. The boy had used a convincing idea that the Tiger could not depute for a plan they co-conspired. They boy argued that if he could convince the wealthy to open their gates and spread their wealth back to the village, the Tiger could go back to his ancient ways(ever watchful of the human condition-mind you)as the Tiger admitted that he did not like human flesh. So the next morning this emmaciated boy made his way to the richest house, that of the head of the village. He argued for two days the economics of not caring for his own. He said that the leader and his children and perhaps grandchildren could live on in this greedy way but eventually the economy would collapse, the village would die, or worse yet for his progeny a uprising may occur jeoprodizing his family. The village leader had never heard of such a cogent argument especially regarding the source, this poor beggar from the forest. The leader thought about how much he missed the village and the market that now laid in ruins. He thought about the people he had seen daily throughout his life that had been eaten by the ravenous Tiger and how he missed them. He thought about his sacred duty and how he had abnegated his responsibility for power and wealth. He thought about how he had forsaken the teaching of Indra's Jeweled web. The leader relented and the boy gave the news to the Tiger.'We shall see', grinned the Tiger,'I will not attack for three nights, if things have not changed I will be ravenous and shall eat many of your poor'. The leader implemented a plan that made sense for the wealthy and the village and withing two days the market was bustling again and trade was brisk in the village. On the last night the Tiger looked one last time at the village before he slowly turned towards the forest. By one account the boy was seen riding his back as they disappeared in the darkness never to be seen again....peace be with you T
To Life!
September 10, 2012, 7:14 am
Before I continue on with the story I would like to take today to share a little with you. But first, thank you for all your kind words, it means a lot to me. Today is a special day for me as it marks 30 years of clean time. It amazes me how swiftly time has passed and all the various changes. Below is a list of things that may be helpful to enjoy sobriety weather you have an addiction or not; Meetings(social gatherings)they allow one to share your shard of humanity and to practice the almost lost art of listening.BE the sacred texts-try them on and apply them to your life(I have enjoyed trying to be the Beatitudes,Bhagavad Gita,Manduka Upanishad,Dharmapadda for many years). Try to ease the suffering of one being in the morning and one in the afternoon and hopefull throughout your day(do it selflessly like the left hand helping the injured right).Pray, meditate, pranayama, qigong, tai chi, yoga,chant. Make these practicesthe fabric of your life. Be creative! Spend time in nature! Fast occasionally! Eat simple,organic, vegetarian and local. Exercise your body!Be LOVE in all and everything you do. Smile, laugh, have fun for goodness sake-when did we get so serious!Know that you are connected to all in the cosmos, so never alone.Live simply, do not accumulate when numberless beings suffer(fasting really helps with this-it allows you to identify with all those that are hungry,cold, tired,etc...).Give of your time, money and resources.You are not leaving with all this stuff! Be LOVE again, and yet again....peace be with you T
September 7, 2012, 7:18 am
He laid his trap carefully, with himself as bait. He took his sole possession, the Tulwar his father had given him before he died and cut his arm, so the Tiger would smell fresh blood. The Tiger crept from the darkness of the forest, the boy was alert and attentive to every sound. If he had not been an expert he would have not heard the grass sway just slightly to the wind.The boy feighned sleep but the Tiger was smart, he walked around the almost invisible perimeter of the trap. Finally seizing up the situation he sat on his haunches and looked directly at the boys half opened eyes.'Just what were you hoping to accomplish today', asked the Tiger be-musedly,' didn't you know that as you sat in your tree perch observing me, I was observing you?'The boy wasn't even surprised,'yes ancient one, I know who you are,I have watched you many days now since I entered this village. I know who you are, the same one that destroyed my village,leaving me an orphan'. The Tiger smiled, 'yes I have destroyed many villages in my wake and with it many people, many beings, but don't you see this is what the people want, really?That the rich hole up on their estates and find new modern ways of commerce, it leaves this,eh...,provincial life behind. I actually do a service that you should thank me for, I clean up the mess, so no one can dispute. Their actions are so focused on me, that they have no time to boycott, to petition the wealthy. They are so-concerned for their very lives;death, hunger, feeding their children, they have no time for activities usually sought in relative prosperity. Me I just snack on the trail you human beings leave behind, and as you can see, I have done very well indeed!' The Tiger licked a paw and smiled and then stroked his ever growing belly.(more tomorrow)
part 2....
September 4, 2012, 7:06 am
There was a child, no one knew from where that lived on the outskirts of the village. He observed each night the Tiger and his movement. He watched the horrid destruction of life and then the Tiger slink back into the shadows of the forest with blood stained lips. He also observed as he begged for food in the day, the rich pay scant attention to all the others of the village. In fact he watched over time as the merchants went from mingling in the market, to sending out servants to do their bidding so as not to be disturbed or asked for anything. The boy devised a plan. He came from a a part of the forest where they had out of necessity to capture rougue Tigers such as this and then the men would carry the captured feline many miles deep in the forest away from human contact(they took their vows of Ahimsa very seriously).So he had set a trap just as his uncles and father had done many times before. He used himself as bait. Night time settled over the forest, brilliant orange faded to purple and then to the veil of darkness of night. He watched as the village became well lit, so as to futilely detect movement. He waited for a long time, and as he did he thought of how the vast majority suffered with poverty, while the rich secluded themselves in their lush estates. He thought of how their homes were impervious to the real dangers of poverty(not just the tiger)hunger,disease,lack of hope.The boy could see hope leave peoples eyes as the poverty deepened,like life leave upon the last breaths.Being an adherant to Ahimsa he did not seek retribution, what he sought was a way for all to coexist and for the wealth to be spread more evenly....(more tomorrow)peace,T
The Tiger and the Village (part 1)
August 31, 2012, 7:11 am
There was a great Tiger that ravaged the forests. He had become hungry for human beings. He came to the village on the edge of the forest in the dead of night and grabbed people that had gone to relieve themselves, always on the perimeter.Other than this the village had enjoyed great prosperity. They saw the Tiger-though stealing members away as a minor nuisance-'let the hunters take care of that one', the Elders said. Due to circumstances of flooding the market with their wares, months later the village went through a steep down turn. The wealthy merchants guarded their houses and made sure the poor could not enter their estates. The Tiger continued to eat the poor that had no private bathrooms and had to use the communal bathrooms. Some of the wealthy said,'let the Tiger eat, then there will be less mouths to feed.We will wait this out until the upturn occurs for our wares'. The Tiger ravaged, the wealthy became richer, outsourcing their labor for their fabrics to a distant village.(more later)Peace be with you,T
raiment of the soul....
August 30, 2012, 7:00 am
little goldfinch on the sunflower, you have awakened the day! my slow ponderous steps to the car,find the pace of the day as i smile, with you,the sunflower,the sun,the vast blue sky....Bells Theorum of the interconnection of all,as well as Indra's web-being are being proven by Zeiglers team! it truly is exciting to be a mendicant at this time. many of us on our spiritual journey have been labeled this or that(some have called me Guru(not meant as a compliment!),space cowboy,addicted to bliss-whatever).my slow steady practice has seen what these men have proven, what the ancients have said all along. i believe with a healthy dose of 7 generations thinking, these new discoveries will take humanity(if embraced)away from the lower mind which we are currently in collectively, to a more refined and understanding mind. a mind that embraces all reality as the raiment of the soul....peace be with you,T
one ounce....
August 29, 2012, 7:18 am
every aspect of nature strives to the Taoists say,why bother to exert excess energy?if a job takes one ounce of pressure why do 1000 pounds.we see this everywhere in the natural world,the flora bending and twisting to be with the sun,just to where it needs to be. fauna living simple lives,natural lives with self hatred.if we could live but one day in utter simplicity, universes would begin in self discovery....peace be with you,T
August 28, 2012, 7:13 am
thank you all! will be back soon-a lot going on! have a blessed day! peace and love T
no more material girl and boy....
August 19, 2012, 6:11 am
it is much easier to attend to the senses, than it is to the workings of the mind.we live in a world now that is predominately material in outlook.see something you want it,feel something, gotta have it, and at all costs have a screen in front of your face.ancient sacred texts tell time and again to switch off the stimuli and go inward. not to a sense of self-hypnosis or'blanking out'. it is far from this,in fact my teachers are and were some of the most alive people i have ever met.we do not live in a material world-physics is disproving materialsm which pervaded our thought with the subsequent view of atheism for over 150 years.they are now finding it is all about consciosness which supports so much of what the vedas tell us.most of it is way over my head but i can relay in somewhat in laymans terms. more tomorrow. peace and love T ps. how is your meditation going?
Duhhhhhhh holy shit!!!! I finally get it............
August 15, 2012, 9:50 pm
I was going to write some long emotional piece on my journey trying to get T and I signed and making it but failing miserably on my part.......but then I thought who the hell wants to read that shit. The bottom line is that after 25 or so years of trying I am going to put away the guitar and music. My family and many fans have finally gotten thru to me that I have a negative outlook that does no good and effects those I love. Hey I finally get it and send out thanks to everyone who tried to make me see it. I am embarrassed to know It has taken so long to see what I should have seen long ago talk about blind self-righteous ego I want to kick myself in the head. I am going to eventually burn all my writings lyrics and melodies not because I am angry or pissed off but to let them go back to where they came from I have no right to hold them any longer and they are not mine to hold in the first place. Perhaps someone else can tap in and use them way better than I did. I have no malice, anger, resentment, or regrets it was a long strange journey but it was my journey and I am content. Now that my little story is out of the way .....................T is a gifted bassist, songwriter, arranger and also a gifted writer. Countless fans have posted over the years how much they enjoy and are enlightened and lifted by the words my brother writes. I have never asked for anything in all the years I have been running this site but I will ask you to please if you can help get T published............ He has given so much to each and everyone who comes to this site so much to take away and apply to daily life lift you up get you thinking make you a better person and yet he cannot get a publishing deal?????????????. I hope you will become active in finding a way to finally let this gifted writer and person be published........... DON'T WE NEED A VOICE LIKE HIS NOW?????...YES WE DO!!!!!!!..... YOU KNOW IT AND I KNOW It........ SO PLEASE SOMEONE OUT THERE HELP. and who knows if he gets established and things are going well T just might want to get the band back together and see what happens I would join in why not it's worth it just to let it scream again with my bro...............jon
what do we wear,after we see the king has no clothes and we look down at ourselves?
August 15, 2012, 7:07 am
Time is but the thin firmament,as a construct,worn by the mind.Experience is the leaven for consciosness,showing us the nature of reality.---It has been so facinating to watch the developments in Quantum Physics and how closely the findings seem to validate Vedanta and Mystical thought from around the world.How did the ancients have it so right? Why did we go astray from these teachings? In the next several days, we will try to examine this and also offer techniques that may be helpful, please feel free to share your thoughts and share our music everywhere! Thank you,T
are we really free?
August 14, 2012, 7:16 am
So have you tried the Mother Holding the Baby Meditation? It is so powerful, that in the East they consider this type of meditation as medicine as it heals on so many levels. Now getting back to it, once you do the first part of the med.focusing on centering the breath, you then just stay with the breath-whatever comes up just let it happen without judgement. By this time you might have found a particular thought or emotion that continues to come up(through your journaling).When this happens,hold it like a mother holding her baby and allow the thought or emotion build,come to be and dissipate. When you do this long enough you will be able to see the root cause of this emotion or thought,then use the med. for this as well.Essentially in order to live a free life we must first be free! What holds us back so many times is persistent thoughts and emotions that trouble and work up the entire endocrine system, many times building unhealthy levels of cortisol.If we can learn to sit and watch the workings of the mind,we can start to see how it works and at times against us. To be free we must make an effort to hold these thoughts,find the root cause and hold them lovingly again. This is very gentle and non-violent way to heal, yet fearless in that we embrace what we normaly avoid. Is it one stop shopping-is it the one time majic elexir? No way! Just yesterday I struggled with many unwholesome feelings and had to sit and embrace them. The important thing is that this technique you have and can be used anytime you pick it up. After a long while,the mind becomes clear and freedom peeks through,like pinpricks in a dark fabric allowing light-what they call in Zen-Satori.All for now enjoy! peace and love,T
Viewing messages 21 to 40 of 3547
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