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Welcome to Shadow Screamers

Shadow Screamers is the voice of the common man. Raised on the heels of the civil rights movement seeing their own parents refused service in a restraint in Arizona because of their resemblance of Native Americans coincidentally we do have Native American blood. Jason and Jon were molded with the belief that music was an outlet a voice to not only move people in rhythm but also a tool to get people to use their minds and stand up against the injustice surrounding them. Jon and Jason have spent their lives dedicated to doing what they can to help improve the human condition weather is was doing social work or volunteering in the community this band has a dedicated and unmoving history behind them .Now they have exploded on the scene when a voice like theirs is in desperate need creating an incredible force unlike anything else on the musical landscape. Rarely across the landscape of popular music have two musicians put together such a mind-blowing package of power intensity, substance, and melody. To experience this band is to tap into the possibilities that await us all if only we stand up and be heard.